About The Author And The Why Behind It All

Im Taylor. Im an aspiring blog writer, shop owner and campaign leader. I have a fire and sense of determination inside me that is unwavering. I have a passion for helping people from all walks of life. Some of the experiences and challenges that have been thrown my way at just 20 years old, will hopefully, in some way serve as motivation for someone out there who may be experiencing or may have already experienced some of the things I have. In later posts, I will describe the difficulties that I have experienced in my life but for now, Im laying down the foundation and the “why” behind you being able to read the blog you are reading now.

Where did the fire come from?

It was June of 2017 when I attended the Younique Foundation’s Haven retreat that I realized how incredibly raw and real the 1 and 4 statistic really was. One in 4 girls are abused before the age of 18. This statistic is baffeling. Imagine sitting in a room with a bunch of women, counting out, 1,2,3,4 and each time you reach 4, that person could be a victim? It will really open your eyes.

This foundation puts on a 3 day retreat for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, while giving the women valueble tools and experiences that can assist in starting the healing process off on the right foot; after an application submission, of course.

The foundation is made up a group of the best of the best and it was an absolute honor to have been a part of it.

Some of the tools I learned at the Haven Retreat will be incorperated into my posts as my biggest hope is that they are implimented in another survivors lives.

For more information on how to donate or how to apply, visit the link below.

Happy healing!


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