The Campaign Background

The Warrior Wing Campaign was founded in 2018. After numerous news stories, listening to survivor stores and gaining personal closure in my own healing journey, creating a way to help support local non profit organizations and advocacy groups for survivors along their journey was a no brainer to me. 

Empowering survivors to grow the wings they didn’t think they had is a passion of mine. Ive seen the darkest of dark, personally. I know what it feels like to be stuck, unsure of a way to turn. I want this campaign to be a helpful resource for organizations to lean on.

The following goals are foundational ideas that the campaign will be based upon.

In the near future, I will be creating handmade, inspirational goods to stock the wing shop. 40% of my proceeds will go directly into the campaign fund to help a local women’s shelter called Beacon of Life. More information on this organization will be in a later post. . As any campaign would, I will be creating a link in this page to make direct donations to the shelter if you choose to do so.

Words from a survivor herself, a campaign like this would have benefitted me in ways nobody can imagine. It would have given me the opportunity to feel like I had an even bigger support system than I already had, while providing me resources and tools that I didn’t know were available. Each and every interaction with Beacon of Life will be lead by me and my followers through projects and donations funded my this campaign.

This movement is only the beginning of a beautiful resource that will touch the lives of many. Any and all donations, big or small are appreciated. Without the help of campaigns, local support groups and community resource groups, the 1/4 statistic could make an unfortunate jump. We have to do something to keep this number at bay. I ask that you consider making it a priority to be a donor. Monetary donations, gently used women’s clothing items, bed sheets, towels/wash rags and household cleaning items are all great ways to get involved.

As always, Thank you for being a valued part of my life and being the fuel of my passions.